Friday, 31 October 2008

Dogs out in the field.

Ceilidh enjoying the freedom!!!

Fergus and Ceilidh

Fergus attempts to keep up!!!!


We may be old but can still manage a run!!!

Banff, Moray and Nairn

On Saturday we went along to our local show 15 minutes away. Caitlin helped by handling Rowan and Fergus. Although Fergus was not placed in Veteran he was 3rd to Ceilidh in the NSC terrier open. Rowan was 4th and Poppy was 2nd in NSC terrier Post Graduate. Glenn was asked to handle Pheobe in the Post Graduate class and did really well to get a 4th. In the Westie open class Glenn and Tilly got 2nd to the Best in Show winner. Caitlin handled Leo (Lhasa Apso) to 3rd place. Bella (black Lab) to 2nd place. Caitlin borrowed Leo for the Junior handling as got a well deserved 4th place from a large class.

After a long and very busy day Glenn got the chance to compete on his own merits. He won the 6-11 years junior handler. Ria did very well and was place 2nd. Well done both of you!!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Here comes trouble!!! XD

A couple of days after Caitlin sold Crunchie she bought Honey. Honey is a 4 year old New Forest mare. She was not backed so the work began. Caitlin has now sat on Honey's back with tack. ( At last!!) sorry about the colour clash!!!


Caitlin got Crunchie 3 years ago. Her successes with him have been in showjumping, x-country and excelling in dressage. After a very successful summer Crunchie went to new owners not too far away. Their best win was Supreme Working Hunter Champion at Strathisla summer show 2008.

Poppy finishes her puppy year on a high

Oneva Erica with Karensbrae (Poppy)

Best Terrier Puppy Bonn Accord July 2008
Best Terrier Puppy Turriff August 2008
Best Puppy in Show Lochaber and District October 2008
Best Puppy in Match October 2008

Monday, 20 October 2008

Junior Handlers

Glenn has started his handling career with some success. 2nd at Perth, 1st at Arbroath both time having a shot of Bramble a Lakeland terrier. At our club match he won Best Junior Handler pushing Caitlin into 2nd place.

Caitlin has been enjoying her showing career with her best win being Scottish Junior Handler of the Year 2007. As Tilly was in season she had to take along her 8 month old puppy Kia.

Meet the Dogs

Rowan, Inka and Poppy

Rowan and Poppy have been the lastest arrivals. They arrived just before christmas 2007 in time for the snow. Bred by Doreen Newman-Bright. Mum has Rowan and Inka in her name and I have had the joy of owning and handling Poppy (it has been different!!!!)

Kia, Inka and Tilly.

Kia and Tilly are daughter and mother and are shown by Caitlin, both are home bred. Inka came to the kennel 2005 from Sally Brown.

Jeonty Hasaceilidh with Karensbrae Sh CM (Ceilidh)

Ceilidh came from Jean Rodgers in 2003, she is the first glen to get her show certificate of merit and has 2 CC's with her litter brother Buster also sitting on 2 CC's, her other litter brother Tommy gained his 3rd ticket at Wales.

Bronydon Barney Mac of Karensbrae (Fergus)

Fergus came along in 2001 from Mike and Von Brown, he has done well in the ring and is a pleasure to have in the house. Fergus is very much our clown.

Romainville Blue Velvet (Molly)

Molly came to me from Kathy George in 1996, we have had a lot of fun together in the ring and very occasionally still honours as with her presence at shows.