Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Turnout

Glenn Here!Mum Is currently sitting i'm listening to music while uploading photo's...But back to the post!

The turnout was phenominal,about 62 Young People.Split into three groups for all of the disciplines,we all got into group photo's.Above in the centre are all 3 groups.See if you Can spot Me,Caitlin Forbes,Caitlin Leiper, Erin Logie And Jodie Buchannan!

All The Work Of Glenn Forbes, Loving son to Mum, Karen Forbes.

SKC Junior Training Seminar

Today was the first seminar for juniors that the SKC has held for a long time. Both Caitlin and Glenn got up at 5am to pack the car and leave. Jodie had a slightly more adventurous journey due to the lack of petrol(although they did not run out). The temperature was -4.5 when we left Garmouth a went below -11 on the way down. The venue was freezing(And The Portaloo's Were Frozen Solid!!) but there was a fantastic turnout about 60 young handlers of all stages for Handling, obedience and agility. All participants got the chance to try all. The SKC hope to be able to have a team that can take part in triathlon eventually. Caitlin, Jodie and Glenn had fun in all the disciplines.

7.30 on the A9 this morning. Are we mad or what!!!

Can you spot the stag?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Snow !!!

Glenn, Molly and Ceilidh decided at 8 am to have fun in the snow!!

Saturday, 22 November 2008


Unfortunately we didnt manage to get down to land o burns dogshow because of the weather. Fergus has just come in out of the cold, we are 5 minutes away from the coast heres how he came in.. A few bits of snow on his face.
( Fergus says.. I think it is snowing mum!!)

Caitlin and Glenn xx