Sunday, 31 May 2009


Gus and the puppies

The westie puppies are now 8 weeks old and are about to go their new home's. Isla will be moving along the coast from us to Cullen. Misty is going down to the central belt to a gentleman who bought a pup from us 15 years ago. Gus and the pups had great fun playing.

Emma and Caitlin

Sunday was very hot again. Caitlin and Emma were playing around in the horse field.

What Caitlin came home with.

On Saturday Rita and Leslie Walker asked Caitlin if she would be happy to campaign their Pomeranian puppy Gus.

So home he came with us!!

Banff,Moray and Nairn

Saturday was our local show. As I was working at it, I did not get any pictures.
Caitlin and Rowan got Best Any Variety Not Seperatly classified terrier then Group 2.
Poppy was 3rd in the class. And Inka 4th in her class.
In the junior handling Glenn borrowed Esme and was very happy with his 3rd. Lewis was 2nd with Ria winning their class. Jodie was 1st and best overall junior handler. Becky and Whisper 2nd, Caitlin borrowed Storm an Austrialian shepard dog and was really pleased to get 3rd as she has never met the dog before.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A New River And An Unhappy Black Belt Master

On thursday the road outside the community centre was turned into a river as the torrential rain came flushing down form the skies, On a related note our tae-kwon-do master was walking out of the community centre when a boy racer in his car came speeding down the road covering our master in the water.

Young Groomers

The Young Kennel club groomers from the SKC. Photo from Eric Logie you can see Erin's blog
Caitlin centre front.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

SKC cesky's only

May 2009 and SKC has come around again. Due to the judge (Jeff Luscott) I could not take Ceilidh along as he gave us our 1st CC last year so eithics stop us from showing her under him again. So we only took along the Cesky terriers, and had a very successful day. Pictures below with the dogs.


Rowan handled by Caitlin was 1st post graduate and Reserve Best Bitch. Rowan will also be at Crufts 2010. Also 3rd in the YKC stakes. Caitlin then borrowed Jazz a soft coated wheaten terrier and was 2nd in the YKC handling class
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Caitlin decided to have a go at the Young Kennel Club grooming class. They can compete in either the groom through or the Clip/trim and strim class. She took part in the Clip/trim and strim with Poppy as her very patient model and they won the class. So pleased that she did a good job as Poppy still had to go into her breed class after and was placed 2nd. This means that Caitlin has quailifed for the grooming at Crufts 2010 and also Poppy for the breed class at crufts. Poppy also had her eye testing done and we are pleased to say that she tested clear for PRA at this time.
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Inka was 2nd in open bitch. She will be at crufts 2010.
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Morven MacDonald 4th overall Scottish Junior of the Year.

Saturday was Terrier, hound and toy day at SKC Morven was 2nd in the Junior Handling Association 6-11 class and then won the Young Kennel Club 6-11 year class. well done.

Lewis Fraser was VHC in the JHA 6-11 class. Well done to them both. Caitlin and myself were down. I will post the results later.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Scottish Junior Handler of the Year 2008

Both Jodie and Caitlin before they went in the ring both very nervous!!
Jenna Sturrock Scottish Junior for 2008
Stacey Mason 2nd and Charley Donaldson 3rd. I am waiting for a picture of Morven MacDonald who was 4th overall. We had a super evening and although Jodie and Caitlin were not placed they did very well.
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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Scottish Opera

Glenn's primary class took part in the Scottish opera today. They worked with the 3 school catchment area's that will be going up to High School after the summer holidys. This is a great way of the pupils making friends before they go into 1st year. Glenn's class are the Egyptions. Click on the picture to enlarge. Milnes primary were the explorer's and Lhanbryde the Sirians.
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New puppies

New puppies seem to be in the air. Kaiya had 8 puppies on the 5th May. Visit their web site

There is a picture futher down the blog of Kaiya in the daffs.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Bronze practice Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Saturday 9th May we met up with 28 young people participating in their Bronze Dof E Award.

Satrting point Glenlivet cemetery car park. The participants are put into 4 groups with 2 adult leaders per group.

First break for the group I was leading this is near Blairfindy lodge. It took us around an hour to get here!

Looking across the moor and it shows just how unpredictable the weather was. Ben Rhines in the back ground.

The information board this is just below the Carn Liath, it tells of the people of the moor, also the floushing wildlife.

getting to the top of the world

This is the foot of the Carn Daimh it shows the way to Tomintoul, Tomnavoulin also the whiskey smugglers routes. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

The top of the world or so it seems. We have got to the top of the Carn Diamh it is around545metres above sea level.

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Going Home

Getting ready after a sleepless night!!

The long road home!! In total the route was around 20 kilometers long. A very long weekend. The qualifier is at the end of the month.

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Friday, 8 May 2009


We thought it was time to do another post about the puppies. Although the 5 pups were really healthy when they were born we lost 3 of them to Fading puppy syndrome at 7 days old. The 2 surviving pups are very well and as you can see from the pictures growing well.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Canine Brucellosis outbreak in Southern Ireland

I have just read this post from the E-F-G blog and thought it would be worth while posting here!!

Canine Brucellosis outbreak in Southern Ireland
May 5, 2009 by E-F-G
With less than a month to go until the Irish Kennel Club hosted European Winners Show in Dublin an outbreak of Canine Brucellosis has been announced in Southern Ireland. This is a notifiable disease and a zoonosis (can be caught by humans). By current EU law if an outbreak is confirmed, rather than an isolated case, the worst case scenario would see an embargo on all movement of dogs in and out of the country. Even the best case scenario, if such an outbreak is confirmed, could see an instant imposing of no canine movement without up to date vaccination.

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Monday, 4 May 2009

The Loch of Trouble!!!

The Splorin wolfies asked for some more information on the floating city in the middle of the water.

Lochindorb Castle is located on the bleak Dava Moor south of Nairn and Forres on the way to Grantown-on-Spey and Aviemore, in the south-eastern heart of the Scottish Highlands.
It sits on a partly man-made island in this remote loch, 6.5 miles north-west of Grantown-on-Spey and is not accessible by public transport, so you will need a car or bike to get here - and then of course a boat if you want to go across! The best time to visit is when the heather is in bloom and the moor is a carpet of purple.
Lochindorb comes from the Gaelic meaning 'Loch of Trouble' and the castle has certainly had its fair share of that! Dating back to the 13th century, it was originally held by the Comyns, but later occupied by the English and was visited by Edward I in 1303 when he stayed here for 9 days, hunting out on the moor. Later it was used as a prison and also a garrison for English troops. At the end of the 14th century, it was gifted by Robert II to his third son, the notorious Wolf of Badenoch, Alexander Stewart, who rampaged around quite a bit of the local area. Lochindorb was said to be his favourite haunt.
When the Scottish Privy Council instructed the Thane of Cawdor to dismantle Lochindorb after it had been forfeited by the Earl of Moray in around 1455, the huge iron yett was transported to Cawdor Castle and can now be seen in the bowels of the building.
Although now in ruins, the castle was still in fairly good condition up until the end of the 18th century when its four 7-metre high round towers were intact. The main quadrangular courtyard is 48 x 38 metres in dimensions and is enclosed by a 2-metre thick wall which stands 6 metres high. A later extension to the south was made probably to give the island extra protection from assault. Apparently it was bought by the Cawdor Campbells in the 1970s.

Friday, 1 May 2009

At work!!

As part of my work I am out with young people taking part in training for expeditions. Recently we have been out for training in Lochindorb then we take them walking from Glenlivet to Tomintoul. One of our other training areas is Rothes some of the views are stunning.

Pack horse bridge Glenlivet.
Part of the Speyside Way between Glenlivet to Tomintoul.One of the moors we went across.

They have to cook their own meals.

Some of the sleeping arrangements.


Looking down from the camping area through Tomintoul.
Training day at Lochindorb

Training at Rothes

Having lunch

Poppy looking for more food!!