Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Richmond 2010

Caitlin has been lucky to qualify for the Junior Handling semi-finals every year since she started handling. As it is so far to go we promised that she would be able to take part in the semi's when she was 16. This year we went down! Guilford on the saturday for the JHA semi- fiinal and on the Sunday Fort William for a local show in total 1300 miles.

Caitlin was given a fantastic 4th place at Richmond. Then at Fort William Solo was BOB and group 4. Inka BOB and group 2. A lot of miles travelled but we all had fun.

Black Belt grading

Glenn went down to Glasgow on the 3rd September for a weekend of training and at the end was graded to a 1st dan in Tae-kwon-do. He has been working towards this since he was 4 1/2

August SKC

Inka was BOB and Poppy won her class. Inka was also test as PLL clear!

SKC August 2010

Caitlin had a good weekend although she missed her breed class with Solo she was placed VHC in YKC on the saturday. On the sunday she borrowed an Austrailan Shepherd Dog and won the YKC class. She also had a go at the YKC biathalon, Solo did really good heel work on the lead but decided that there could be lots more fun to be had outside the ring so spent most of his time out there. Caitlin was then given a shot of a Mittel for her handling section and won it!