Saturday, 28 February 2009

Inter club match

Today we held an inter-club match with Spey Valley,Banff, Moray and Nairn and Donside Club.
Pearls Akita puppy was Best Puppy
Papillon Best Veteran
Whippet Best in Match
Beagle reserve in match
Jodie best junior handler
Sue's papillon best of the rest.Mark was enjoying his day playing cars with Dagen
After the match we took the dogs to Lossiemouth beach for a run.

Monday, 23 February 2009


As Glenn has gone off to Ski camp I thought I would do a short post for him. This morning at 4am Chip who was one of his pet rats died. He was one of the most gentle rats Glenn has had. Glenn was devasted this morning but he and his dad were out in the rain to bury him in the back garden. When he comes home on Friday he is going to go on to Rainbow's Bridge.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Aren't they smart!!!!

Yesterday mum, Caitlin and Jodi went down to Brechin for a Hands on assassment and points of the dog seminar. They had to do an exam at the end and guess what, they all passed!!!

During all this commotion, I stayed at home with dad and with 2 friends (as part of my birthday 17th feb) we went to the pictures to see "Bolt"! and then to the health food shop a.k.a. Mcdonalds.

From my point of view
Glenn Forbes

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Highland Limit show

Glenn was Best Junior Handler in Show today.
Lewis was 3rd, Ria was 4th in the 6-11
Becky won the 12-16 with Jodie 2nd, Caitlin 3th and Connie 4th
Well done to you all!!!!

Fegus was 4th in the Veteran classFor the 2nd week in a row Rowan beat her sister!! Rowan 1st and Poppy 2nd in Terrier NSC graduate.

Inka was 2nd in Terrier NSC open

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Even More Snow Falls Down on "Us"

Thursday morning and Honey is in the snow.
Mum and Kate make a fool of themselves by rolling bales of hay to give to horses

Mum takes Poor Murphy into the cold snowy field

This gate has masses of frost on it and if you zoom in you can just see the power cables VERY low down.
Photography and wording By Glenn Forbes
(Because I got 2 days off school)

Sunday, 1 February 2009


A very early start for yesterday's show!! We left at 5am, with a stop on the way to feed the ponies.

Fergus was 1st in the ring and got 5th in the Veteran dog class.

Jodie and Molly were 1st in Cocker Spaniel junior and a 3rd in the open class.

Becky and Whisper 1st Golden Retriever puppy bitch. 1st in Novice and BP in breed.

It was about 3pm before the terriers started and Caitlin was asked to take a westie puppy Barbarella Cheeky Breeks into the breed challenge and won BOB she then got puppy group 4.

In the Glen of Imaal class Findlay took the BOB and Bp then puppy group 3

AVNSC terrier Rowan was 2nd.

The Young Kennel club handling class was the first of the handling classes. Although Glenn, Caitlin, Becky and Jodie all handled very well they were not successful in getting placed.

Junior handling association class was much later. These were large classes. Becky decided to take Whisper home so did'nt get into this class. Glenn was in a class of around 8 and won it!!!

Caitlin won her class and Jodie was 3rd. Caitlin then went and won the BJH over Glenn. This qualifies both Caitlin and Glenn for the SKC handling final wich takes place in 2010. Crufts 2010 and Richmond 2009. Jodie qualifies for Richmond.

Thanks to their judge Mr Russell Mosedale who really made them work for their wins.