Sunday, 30 November 2008

SKC Junior Training Seminar

Today was the first seminar for juniors that the SKC has held for a long time. Both Caitlin and Glenn got up at 5am to pack the car and leave. Jodie had a slightly more adventurous journey due to the lack of petrol(although they did not run out). The temperature was -4.5 when we left Garmouth a went below -11 on the way down. The venue was freezing(And The Portaloo's Were Frozen Solid!!) but there was a fantastic turnout about 60 young handlers of all stages for Handling, obedience and agility. All participants got the chance to try all. The SKC hope to be able to have a team that can take part in triathlon eventually. Caitlin, Jodie and Glenn had fun in all the disciplines.