Saturday, 27 December 2008

Livingston at Bathgate Sports Centre

Today we got the chance to try mums christmas present, a sat nav! Even with the sat nav she still missed the turn-off for the a9 before aviemore!!! It was livingston at Bathgate.

I was first in the ring with Bramble(Lakeland Terrier) and got a 3rd. I also got Best Veteran Terrier with Bramble.

Then I was in with Tilly and got 2nd.
Mum and Nannie were in NSC terrier graduate, Poppy was 2nd and Rowan 4th.

Jodie was there and was 3rd then 1st in Molly's breed classes.

Becky was there too showing Sunny and although not placed did really well in the breed class.

Then it was Junior handling.
I was 3rd with Bramble in the 6-11

Jodie won her class and then was BJH.

Becky was 2nd to Jodie with Meeve this was a really hard class and both did extremly well with Jodi qualifing for the SKC finals