Saturday, 24 January 2009

First show of the year.

Today was the first of the shows that we attend in the year.

It was cold and we had to stop at the stud dog on the way there with one of the westie's so here's hoping for puppies in 9 weeks time!!

Ceilidh got BOB and group 3 even though her coat still has not come through.

Then it was A.V terrier not sep. cassified open. This was the biggest terrier class with an entry of 13 we hope they will give us 2 classes next time. Poppy did really well an got a 3rd.

Then it was through for the handling competition.

Glenn borrowed his favourite pup for his class and was really happy to get 2nd to Caitlin Lepier, Lewis was 3rd with Jazz and Ria 4th with Jasper.

Caitlin borrowed Chole for her class and got 2nd to Stacey with Becky getting 3rd.

Becky and Whisper did well getting Puppy Best of Breed and Gundog puppy group 2

There was even adult handling. Morag and Logie had a go at this with Morag getting placed 3rd but Logie had already out done her by getting Best Import.

Jodie did really well today and although not placed in the Junior handling got 2nd's in her breed class with Molly. Sorry I did not get her picture.