Monday, 9 March 2009

Crufts 2009

Caitlin, Jodie and myself left on wednesday morning to travel down to Crufts. This was Jodie's first ever visit to Crufts and was just a little excited!!!!
Jodie was very taken a back when she realised that the welcome to England sign was the only land mark for the border.
We have a few photo's which I will get on later although here is who Caitlin and Jodie met not long after they got through the Crufts door on Thursday. Kate and Gin also Kate's new puppy Ice.

We had a few reasonable wins. Caitlin handled Fergus in Veteran and got 2nd. Ceilidh was 5th in her class. Caitlin and Jodie then had to run up to the Cesky ring and Caitlin and Rowan were 2nd with Jodie and Poppy getting 5th. What an experience for Jodie to go to Crufts then to get in the ring on her first visit there. Sorry we do not have photo's of these wins as we were all handling in different halls.

This is Wilma and Chloe ( Caitlin occasionally handles Chloe in junior handling) winning the Best Puppy in Breed.